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Configuration: Configuration Login Settings

The Configuration option on the Preference Menu can be used to configure the following information.

Operate in Offline Mode
In the WorkFlows client, select Operate in Offline Mode to use the client as a standalone workstation when the SirsiDynix Symphony server is unavailable. See the Overview topic for more information.

Note: Caution If you plan to run the client in Offline mode, you must select the Show this Window on Next Startup check box.

Host Information
On many SirsiDynix clients, these host information (server) options may be defined.

Note: A log in history is saved when the connection to the server is successful. The log in history includes the host name, port number, and other server-specific information.

The following Workstation (Station) options may also be set.
Show this Window on Next Startup
This check box determines whether or not the server and workstation Configuration window displays at next startup. This option is helpful when more than one server is available and you have the opportunity to switch between them at client startup. On a Hyperion client, a File Host Information tab also displays, and these values may be defined for Hyperion’s file server.

Important: If you plan to run the client in Offline mode, you must select the Show this Window on Next Startup check box.

After typing values for the configuration fields, click OK to accept this configuration or click Cancel to exit the Configuration window. If you click Cancel during the workstation startup, your log in is aborted.

If the workstation fails to connect to the server, the next attempt to log in will display the Configuration window regardless of whether the Show This Window on Next Startup check box is selected or not. This is useful if the system IP address changes and needs to be changed in the configuration settings. Also, this allows you to select the Operate in Offline Mode check box to turn your WorkFlows client into a standalone client.

At startup, the Configuration window cannot be used to select or change the station name.

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